Bechstein Model A c.1914 (Berlin) @ £18,000


Here we have a classic Bechstein Model A piano, fully rebuilt with a new pin-block (wrest-plank), giving another lifetimes worth of enjoyment with this piano;  new strings, hammers, bridges, felts – everything to restore this beautifully sounding piano to it’s original perfect condition.

The special mahogany cabinet with Sheraton string inlay detail has been French polished (as opposed to polyestered) in keeping with it’s original finish.

The sound reflects it’s maker’s intention (to withstand the vigorous demands placed on the instrument by the composers and instrumentalists of the day) with a strident, singing and even tone, transforming any level of playing with it’s beautiful, romantic sound.

The action is very fluid and will do “anything you ask of it”.  This piano is a joy to both play and listen to.

With double legs and the trademark Bechstein sunburst desk; and at the versatile 6′ length, this beautiful piano would make a statement of quality in any home or hall.

Our Price = £18,000

Size in cm (DxW): 6’2″ x 4’8″
Finish: Mahogany
French Polish

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