Yamaha MP80N Silent Piano (Japan) 1996 s/n: E262805 @ £1750

We are pleased to have this excellent silent piano available for hire.  This piano is essentially an acoustic piano, with an option (via the flick of a switch) to engage the electronic piano option, which makes the sound only audible through headphones giving the player the ability to play anytime without the fear of disturbing neighbours/ family/ sleeping children!

It is also a good example of one of Yamaha’s finest compact pianos.  Made relatively recently in Japan in 1996 and finished in a pleasing poly-finish mahogany, it can stand up to the hours of practicing required for students studying for their higher grades, or satisfy the attentions of the more casual player.

Our Price = £1750    Hire Price – £44/ month

Height: 108cm
Width: 148cm
Depth: 54cm
Finishes Mahogany Poly

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