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Weber W150 BP Baby Grand

STYLE Baby Grand
SIZE 4’11″
FINISH Polish Finish Ebony

SPECIFI...

Kawai GM-10 Grand Piano

A real grand piano

Measuring 150cm in length, the GM-10 offers the same attention to detail and quality found in Kawai’s larger pianos – in a petite size to fit any room. The action design and components are comparable to those in our GE and RX Series pian...Read More...

Zimmerman (Germany) @ £3,500n

Our Price = £3,500

Hire Price = £50/ mth

Length = 4'6"

The Zimmermann brand was established in 1884 by the brothers Max and Richard Zimmermann in the small town of Mölkau, near Leipzig. They called their company the Leipziger Pianofortefabri...Read More...


Bluthner Aliquot 6 (Germany) Boudoir Grand Piano with Aliquot scaling, Model 6 s/n: 146178 @ £9,500

Our Price = £9,500

Hire Price = £95/ mth

Length = 6'3″

Here we have a beautiful, recently restored Blüthner measuring 6’3″.  A very popular model by the world renowned German manufacturer.  In a light mahogany, wi...Read More...


Samick SG140-A (South Korea) Baby Grand Piano ©1989

This is a beautiful little piano a has had only one conscientious previous owner, who himself was a prominent professional musician.

Samick are responsible for making over 50% of the pianos in South Korea and have, as such, garnered a good reputation for making solid and satisfying...Read More...


Bluthner (Germany) Boudoir Grand Piano ©1921 @ £7000

Here we have a beautiful, recently restored Blüthner measuring 5’7″.  A very popular model by the world renowned German manufacturer.  Square legged with brass pedals and golden cast iron frame.  It has the signature Bluthner tone, velvety and rich yet powerfu...Read More...


Kawai GM2 Grand Piano

We have a great little GM2 Grand Piano made by Kawai here.

At 150cm deep it was created by Kawai to fit in most homes and has a great sound for the size.  As indicative of these models it has a heavier action (great for finger strengthening) and quite a demure sound for an Asian bu...Read More...


Challen (London) Baby Grand Piano

This is lovely baby grand in fiddleback mahogany, made by the well thought of English piano maker Challen.

With the superb hire price of only £48 per month it could be a wonderful family piano and it’s compact size (at only 4′ 5″ deep) makes it ideal for Lon...Read More...


Bechstein Model B Grand Piano

SPECIAL OFFER: Was £8500, Now £6000 We are proud to present this beautiful Bechstein Model B piano, only partially rebuilt, but in a fantastic working order, with the classic Bechstein sound. In a ebonised case, with the tra...Read More...