Steinmayer S108 Mark2 SALE!


Designed and engineered by the German piano maker Lother Schell, known for his work with both Ibach of Germany & Young Chang of South Korea, Steinmeyer Pianos are manufactured by the Beijing Company, China’s second largest piano manufacturer, founded in 1949.

The Steinmeyer Mark2 Series was introduced in 2000. With their high-level technical specifications these pianos are one of the best selling instruments in the UK and Ireland.

In 2006 the Steinmeyer model S108 was featured by the Guardian news paper as one of the “Six Of The Best” pianos in the UK market.

In 2009 the Steinmeyer model S108 was voted the best selling Chinese piano in the UK, in the annual retail survey by the prestigious MI PRO music trades magazine.

Steinmeyer Pianos are designed for European tastes, with a more rounded tonality & lightness of touch.

Height: 108cm
Width: 143cm
Depth: 57cm
Finishes Black, Mahogany
RRP: £2090

Our Price: £1650

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